Software Development

We are a leading software development service provider. We handle all documentation, implementation, testing and debugging. We are equipped to develop software in many different languages, platforms and GUI's.

There are typically several steps involved in software development:

  • Requirements specification – define the necessary functionality of the software, as well as budget and time frames
  • Architecture construction – identify which languages, platforms, and pieces will be used to build the product, as well as how each piece will communicate with each other
  • SAS Programming - Clinical data analytics solutions for the life sciences industry with a specialized focus in Data Management
  • Design – the skeleton of the software is created
  • Implementation – the design skeleton is fleshed out; functional code is written
  • Testing – tests are written to verify each piece of code does what it is supposed to
  • Debugging – discover the tests that failed and fix whatever is causing the test to fail
  • Deployment – the product is “shipped” to the customer; the software becomes live
  • Maintenance – this includes fixing bugs and adding or reducing functionality

  • We work hard to provide software of the highest quality and performance. We also offer 24/7 software maintenance services. Our proudest accomplishment is our clients’ satisfaction with our services.

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